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Boards of Directors

Board members of Sinai Memorial Chapel are nominated based on demonstrated leadership in temples, synagogues, and community organizations. They are recognized as exemplifying the values of the chevra kadisha: modesty, respect, dignity, empathy, and community. Sinai board members serve without compensation. In fact, board members pay dues to defray the costs of board and committee meetings, the Annual Meeting, and the annual Tsayin Adar event. This derives from the sentiment that no one in the leadership of a chevra kadisha should ever be even perceived as being materially enriched by participation in the holy society.


Susan Morris

John Verber, Esq.
First Vice President

Harmon Shragge, Jr.
Second Vice President

Wayne Sosnick

David Nissim

Samuel J. Salkin
Executive Director


Martin A. Friedman
Gary Freeman
Bonnie Guttman
Fred L. Karren
Lisa Katz Esq.
Emil Knopf

Mark Pomotov
Jacqueline Shelton-Miller
Steven Sloan, M.D.
Alan P. Zimmerman, Esq.

Past Presidents

Michael Rubenstein
Norman Plotkin, D.D.S.
Sander Stadtler
William S. Breal, M.D.
Roberta Cohn

Milton Jacobs, Esq.
Steven R. Lowenthal, Esq.
Peter A. Samuels
Stuart Seiler

Honorary Directors

Burton J. Greenburg, D.D.S.
Joyce Share

Grace A. Rosenberg

Executive Director Emeritus

Gene B. Kaufman

Gan Shalom Cemetery Board of Directors

Gan Shalom Cemetery—Beit Olam of Contra Costa, Inc., is the owner of the cemetery and is incorporated as a religious, non-profit organization. It has its own board of directors, separate from Sinai Memorial Chapel’s, to oversee governance and policy. The members of the board of directors are volunteers who serve without compensation.

David N. Nissim, President
Gary Freeman, Vice President and Treasurer
Steven Weinzimmer, Secretary
Steven R. Lowenthal, Esq.
Efi Lubliner
Frank Winer

Past Presidents
Roberta Cohn
Stuart Seiler